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Shortcut to TOT use in YouTube.

Shortcut to Trafi use in YouTube.

Assistant selection: whether the time bar and the tasks bar want to be displayed. Possibility to watch a few animated sample images.

Timebar and taskbar are not in the official test.

The default time bar in the exercises is 30 min divided by number of tasks

e.g 30 mins / A:50 or C:30 tai AM:50 ...

In all classes, the total answer time is 30 min.

The top left corner shows the task number and the total number of class tasks.

The top right corner shows the remaining time in the test.

Since the amount of time and tasks are in digital format and different units, I have added the ability to compare the time and tasks in %-units.

In the lower left corner there is a mark button. With it yuo can mark the task to be answered later.

As a sign here, the point at the bottom of the task number is displayed. The point disappears by answering to the task. An active task is within the circle.

At the bottom right is the Next button. Press it to move to the next task. The next button is activated only after a answer or a marking is done. The task can then be tagged or answered. You can also change your answer and mark or continue with the Next button.

Reply-button will be ticked in the box. The answer can be changed (or marked) before continuing.

The test ends 30 in minutes or after all tasks has been answered. After the last picture, there will be a reminder if tasks are left to be answered later.

Using the arrows on the numeral bar below, you can move to the task to different dozens and press the key to activate the task you want.

At the far right of the bottom right, the mainpage has a reminder that the window can be zoomed.

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