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TOTTI - Installing

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TOTTI can be installed on the Internet and automatic updates works via the Internet .

Operating system: Windows 7, 8 ja 10.

The instructions below will vary slightly depending on the Windows version, language, browser, antivirus, and security settings.

  1. Start installation from browser link.
    • School TOTTI V8,0 (Link from EasyApps)
    • Home-TOTTI V8,0 (Link and key from school or via order confirmation)
  2. The program will be installed and, if necessary, downloading the add-ins
    • MS Access database engine 2010
    • MS .NET Framework 4.5
  3. Installing will load 259M to computer. (2 mins / 20Mb connection)
  4. The program starts up and asks for the installation key.
  5. Close TOTTI and startup again.

After that, the program will not ask for the key anymore. It will automatically download new updates.

If warning is triggered when starting: TOTTI80 lakkasi toimimasta, then Access engine is missing or corrupted.

access virhe

In that case uninstall TOT-program and MS Access database engine 2010 from computer and reinstall. Confirm, that Access engine will be installed by accepting: 'Accept'

access2010 accept

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